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REVIDERM vega Radiofrequency

More volume, improved elasticity and firmness.
Let yourself unfold.

Special electrodes are used to generate heat deep in the skin to counteract skin ageing processes. Compared to conventional radiofrequency treatments, the non-invasive vega-method is aimed at a new target structure: the dermal adipocytes in the boundary layer between the dermis and the subcutis. It is currently the focus of dermocosmetic and aesthetic medical research, because it has a decisive influence on the volume of the skin, its elasticity, firmness and structure.

In radiofrequency treatment with vega, special electrodes conduct alternating currents into the skin to generate heat of up to 43°C at the dermal adipocytes in the boundary layer between the dermis and subcutis.

vega concentrates the RF energy precisely at the dermis-subcutis boundary – so the full energy takes effect at exactly the right target structure. This initiates an effective regeneration process and stimulates collagen synthesis – with little pain and no risk of burns.

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REVIDERM vega treatment is effective against:

  1. Hanging lids
  2. Marionette lines
  3. Turkey neck
  4. Tear trough
  5. Sunken cheeks
  6. Prominent nasolabial folds
  7. Blurry chin contours