Skin analysis

Your skin needs to tell you a lot and we help you to understand it!

vitacontrol skin analysis system VCSA1000

VCSA 1000 has a precise image analysis function with which we can inform you about the current condition of your skin.

VitaControl Hausanalyse 02The different modes enable us to obtain clear and detailed images of the skin condition. This enables us to offer you targeted care suggestions. The device shows possible future skin problems. The VCSA 1000 allows you to recognise the condition of the deep layers of the skin, which you cannot see in daylight, in good time so that we can alert you to corresponding skin problems and offer you preventive measures or care suggestions.

The condition of the skin can be clearly recognised

A computer-assisted deep skin analysis with the Vitacontrol VCSA1000 precisely analyses the current condition of your skin before your treatment begins. The system finds out exactly what your skin is lacking. Based on the measurement results, personalised treatment and care recommendations are developed after an individual evaluation consultation. Fluorescence technology in combination with various light and polarisation filters and a future calculation by a special artificial intelligence makes the skin condition more clearly visible with greater contrast. Hidden and invisible underlying problems of the skin condition become visible. This allows us to counteract any intensification in a targeted manner. The evaluation enables us to provide precise advice and support in selecting the most effective treatment concept based on the analysis.

The cells in the skin can release visible light in a special way. VCSA 1000 uses the skin fluorescence with unique colour and shape that the skin emits when exposed to UV light, so that we can clearly see the skin condition that cannot be seen in daylight, inform you about it in detail and offer targeted care suggestions.

The device also shows possible future skin problems

The VCSA 1000 allows you to recognise the condition of the deep layers of the skin, which you cannot see in daylight, in good time so that we can alert you to any skin problems and offer you preventative measures or care suggestions.

Hautanalyse Gesicht

By using the VCSA 1000, the following skin conditions can be clearly identified:

– Depth of pigmentation.
– Distribution and arrangement of deposits.
– Clogged pores.
– Damage caused by sunburn.
– Porphyrins from acne.
Porphyrins are formed by Cut bacterium acnes, which occurs in the natural bacterial flora of human skin (skin flora). Under certain UV illumination, the porphyrins can be recognised by their orange-red fluorescence. With a corresponding predisposition, they can lead to the development of acne.
– the distribution of free fats.
– Localisation of keratinised skin.
– Localisation of areas with poor circulation.
– dehydrated skin.
– Localisation of dry lipid layers in the skin.
– Localisation of the loss of collagen.
– Localisation of sensitive, thin skin.
– Detailed veining of the skin surface.
– Evenness of the skin.
– Skin irritation in the upper and lower layers of the skin.

Special features

The condition of the skin texture can be clearly recognised.
You look in the mirror every day and think you know your skin.
If you are unhappy with your skin, you will try many different things.
The advantage of our skin analysis is that we clearly show the actual and unvarnished condition of your skin and then give you professional advice on how to get your skin under control in the long term.
You must actually remove your make-up for the skin analysis.

Your skin condition is documented in the long term

The condition of your skin is not only analysed before any treatment, but also before each subsequent treatment, so that you always have control over the successful development of your skin.

A skin analysis (approx. 30 minutes) costs €39.00; this price is then charged to you free of charge as part of a subsequent treatment programme.