Skin analysis

Your skin needs to tell you a lot and we help you to understand it!

The professional skin and complexion analysis with the Skinanalyzer med 7 enables us to identify exactly your skin´s needs before starting the treatment.

Based on objective results, we can develop the correct and individual product and treatment regime for you.

This accurate computer-aided skin analysis is realised by sampling probes and a camera for the analysis.


Analysis functions in an overview:


Moisture: Measurement of moisture content and the skin barrier.
Elasticity / firmness: Determination of the biological age of the skin.
Amount of melanin pigment / Tanning ability: Determination of skin phototype and sun factor.

Analysing camera

Fat: Identification of fat content and visualisation of sebaceous glands activity.
Pores: Measurement and analysis of depth of pores and skin´s condition.
Pigment spots: Documentation of amount and sizes.
Wrinkles: Measurement of amount of wrinkles and sizes.

Professionelle Hautanalyse in Marbella in der Beautyworld